The Community Catholic
 Church of Canada

An Inclusive and Progressive Community in the Catholic/Anglican Tradition

Our Presiding Bishop

Our Presiding Bishop
The Most Reverend Deborah Vaughan

Blessings to you as you browse through this website. 

It may be the first time that you've heard that there are other catholic churches beside the Roman Catholic church. 

The Community Catholic Church is in fact one of many in the catholic family of churches and have valid orders and apostolic succession.  You'll find more background on the FAQ page.

We believe that the most important message for us as Christians rests in the Two Great Commandments given to us by Jesus: love God with all our heart, mind and soul, and love our neighbours as ourself. 

The heart of Jesus' teaching, preaching and life example holds this one intention -LOVE. This is our message as the Community Catholic Church and we welcome all who are eager to learn more about how Love is at work in your life.  

I ask that you please take some time every day to offer prayers for our world. There is such a climate of fear and judgement surrounding us. 

Pray for Love to enlighten hardened hearts. Pray for Divine Love to shine against those who excite fear and work out of an attitude of selfishness and greed. Pray for those in any need or distress.  Pray that Love would transform the hearts of all people; that compassion would move each person to assist another in some small way; that peace would fill every heart and hope light each face.  And, dear friend, we pray the same for you.

If you are so moved, please offer a thank you donation to support our Church. 

Peace be with you,

+ The Most Reverend Deborah Vaughan