The Community Catholic
 Church of Canada

An Inclusive and Progressive Community in the Catholic/Anglican Tradition

Ways to Join Us

Ordination - Holy Orders

We welcome those who would like to discern their vocation to ordained ministry.

Applicants have two options through our seminary:  to pursue a vocational track to the Priesthood (ordination to the diaconate and then priesthood) or be trained as a Permanent Deacon.

For those who are women, gay or lesbian, or married, especially in the Roman Catholic Church, the priesthood has not been a possibility in their lives, despite a strong pull towards Holy Orders.

We offer valid orders and apostolic succession.  And, we offer a course of study and training through our own St. Francis Seminary

This is a course of study through St Francis Seminary, designed specifically for our denomination, with courses and pastoral preparation offered to those who will serve in the Community Catholic Church.  St. Francis offers a Six-Month Diploma in Pastoral Ministry program for the Diaconate, and, for those seeking orders to the Priesthood, a year-long Diploma in Sacramental Ministry. 

Acceptance to the seminary is contingent upon interviews, application review and screening.  The courses are mostly accomplished online, but there are some onsite requirements and regular phone meetings with an assigned Spiritual Director.

Applicants are required to possess high school graduation certificates, be Canadian citizens or legal residents in Canada, and fluent in English (able to express themselves orally and in writing). Some of these requirements may be waived at the discretion of the presiding bishop.

For more information contact the  Presiding Bishop


The Community Catholic Church of Canada offers clergy the best of all worlds.  We are free to serve the Creator, living out our calling in an environment of acceptance and inclusivity.  Each parish community worships in the way that resonates most truly - using the Roman missal, the Anglican missal or other authorized liturgical format.

For ordained Catholic or Anglican clergy in the Province of Ontario who are without a bishop, the Community Catholic Church of Canada offers a spiritual home in which you may administer the sacraments and build your own parish.

You must be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident of Canada and willing to undergo screening for suitability, including a police check.

Please be aware that clergy of the Community Catholic Church of Canada receive no compensation by the National Church for their ministries and must be otherwise gainfully employed.

For more information contact the Presiding Bishop

Lay Pastoral Chaplaincy Program

For those who do not feel a call to ordained ministry but are active as a volunteer in their community or have an interest in wedding ministry, the Lay Pastoral Chaplaincy program offers a way for you to fulfill your spiritual and charitable works.

Lay Chaplaincy is offered to those successful candidates who live in the province of Ontario.  They are appointed by the Community Catholic Church of Canada as wedding officiants and supported in their pastoral ministries.

For more information, please visit